The same way you take extra care of yourself during the summer (applying sunscreen, drinking mega lots of water, and more), your pets need extra care in the summer too. Need a little help keeping your furry friends healthy and happy? Check out these three local Lubbock businesses that are here to give your pets a hand (or a paw!).

- Fleas, ticks, and other insects are more prevalent during summer months. Check out Pets Plus to find flea and tick prevention supplies to keep your pets bug-free this summer. You’ll also find food, treats, and other items to keep your dog or cat happy – not just this summer, but all year long. Meowsers!

- Headed out of town on a summer vacay? Don’t leave your dog or cat unattended! In fact, give your pet a vacation of his or her (nine) lifetime at Four Paws Pet Resort. The facilities are spacious, climate-controlled, and cozy, and your pet will have plenty of play time in the enclosed exercise yards. Your furry friend will be in good human hands while you’re off relaxing and enjoying the summer.

- Hot summer weather can be harsh on Fluffy and Fido. Some animals are extra susceptible to heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration, and other summer-related risks. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health this summer or have any pet health and wellness concerns, Frenship Vet Clinic is the place to go. Nothing says pet-ship like friendship! (Awww...)

Your pets will thank you for the care you give them this summer. These local Lubbock businesses will thank you too! When you shop local, everyone in the community benefits. Want to know more about local shops in your area? Download Towny. It’s completely free and provides you with perks and, best of all, a connection with your local business community. Don't miss it, yawl.