Holly Babineaux didn’t always plan to run a boutique fashion store, but when she was given the opportunity to be a part of Bevo’s, Holly jumped in head first and couldn’t be happier. Bevo’s is an inclusive women’s clothing boutique with clothes, shoes, and accessories in trendy fashions at an affordable price. We spoke with Holly to learn more about what makes this Acadiana boutique so fabulous.

How did you get started with Bevo's?

I married into this business. My in-laws started out with Lafayette Bargain Store. My father-in-law and a friend of his went into a partnership with Bevo’s in the early 1970s. His friend ended up leaving the industry, but my father-in-law kept the store open. Twenty-four years ago when I married my husband, I started helping him with the buying in the stores, and just kind of took over that role.

I’ve definitely always loved fashion. I did some modeling in New York when I was in high school, so this was a cool transition.

What sets Bevo’s apart from other boutiques?

My husband and I like to say customer service. We really try to embed that in our employees’ brains. Greeting everyone with a smile, offering assistance, and thanking them when they’re leaving. We truly want people to have a warm fuzzy feeling whenever they leave so that we’re a place they want to come back to shop.

We’re a multi-generational boutique which you can’t say about most boutiques. We carry misses, juniors, and a little bit of tween sizes and plus sizes. Most boutiques cater to a specific customer, but we try to cater to everyone.

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What do you love about running Bevo's?

Definitely the connections we've made with our customers. We have a lot of repeat customers. Some of them have been shopping with us since they were children and now they come in with their children.

Also, having to reinvent ourselves over the years as things change. What may have worked 15 years ago, may not work now. So the ability to continue to reinvent and be successful is nice to see.  

What are your dreams for this business?

I’m hoping I’m still in the industry as it evolves. We’re continuing to grow and we’re having fun with social media these days. I have three daughters and I’d love to see them get involved with the stores, since they have an interest in this industry. We’re already second generation, and my children will be third generation. One of my daughters is in school so her time is limited, but she helps us out at the warehouse with packing merchandise and expediting. I want to see my daughters go off to school and get an education, and I would understand if they don’t want to be in this industry because it can be rough. But, at the same time if we stick to the same core values we’ve prided ourselves on for the last 50 years, I know they would be successful here.

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What do you love about being a local business in Acadiana?

What I love most about being a local business here is the connections that I get to make with the local people. I can go to La Fonda’s on a Friday night and spot three of our outfits and that’s really cool. I get pleasure out of being out and about and seeing customers in our clothes.

I’d also say that I love that Acadiana is a small town but still has a big city feel. The girls here are very current on fashion trends. Surprisingly, a lot of girls are already up on the new trends. I feel like, even though it’s a small town, the girls here really keep up.

Bevo’s brings a level of style and trendiness to Acadiana that can sometimes be hard to find. If you’re looking for a cute outfit or just want to do a little window shopping, definitely go by for a visit! Before you leave, be sure to find Bevo’s on Towny – your new favorite (and free!) app for keeping up-to-date with all things local in Acadiana.