Last season, you did your spring cleaning. You tidied up the house, donated old items, deep cleaned the appliances...all of that good home(care)work. Now that it’s summer, you may be realizing that while the house is clean, there are quite a few things that need fixing or upgrading around your home.

Maybe you’ve got a little extra time with the long summer days, or maybe you want to get things taken care of before dealing with the kids’ busy school schedules. (Read: before you become the family chauffeur – again.) Either way, if you’re looking for help with summer renovations, your local Lubbock community has several businesses ready to help you out.


  • Problems with the A/C this summer? That’s a position you don’t want to be in while living in Lubbock! Don’t fret, Aire Serv of Lubbock can repair, maintain, and install A/C units no matter your issue. Be sure to have them look at your heat units as well so you can take care of any issues now before winter arrives.

  • You rarely pay attention to the glass around your home...until something is broken. For window repair or replacement, shower doors, mirrors, or any home or auto glass needs, Glass Doctor of Lubbock is your go-to solution. They’ll repair any issues and perform installations in your home and car. Want to know more about Glass Doctor? Read their story on our blog!

  • What if you could use the summer rain to help with other tasks around the house? Yes we know – it sounds too good to be true. But with Catch the Rain, you’ll be able to store and use rainwater to run your sprinkler system and keep your plants hydrated. (Singin' in the rain yet?) They will also repair and provide maintenance on gutters and rain catchment systems. 


  • Things looking a little bland around the house? Spruce things up with interior decorating items from Route 66 Home Decor. You’ll find great vintage and farmhouse style decor for every room you've got! And men, decorating isn’t just for the ladies. Route 66 has a special section of decor just for your “man cave”.

  • Whether you just moved into a new home, or are wanting to upgrade your furniture, you’ll find all the home furnishings you could possibly want at Ramsower’s Furniture. If your sofa’s old and tattered, or you want to upgrade that dining room set, don’t hesitate to, at least, take a sneak peek at their fabulous selection.

  • Don’t be fooled by the name. Wild West Vintage Decor has so much more than just Wild West-themed interior pieces! With more than 20 vendors and an enormous warehouse, you’re sure to find something to fit your home style. Extra bonus: if you’re looking for a new, summer activity, Wild West Vintage Decor hosts Junk Fest (a huge flea market with food trucks and music!) on the last Saturday of each month. Read more about the Wild West Vintage Decor story here.


  • While you’re making changes and updates to your home, don’t forget to clean those areas that may not get cleaned quite as often as the rest of the house: outside and inside windows, ceiling fans, screens, and outdoor light fixtures. Fish Window Cleaning is the Lubbock professional you’ll want to call on to clean those areas and more.

  • Sometimes cleaning the carpet means more than vacuuming or using a stain remover. To deep clean or restore your carpets, Carpet Tech of Lubbock has you (and your floors!) covered. They’re an award-winning, family-owned business that’s happy to serve Lubbock and the surrounding communities with the best in carpet care. Like the sound of that!

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