To be a mother of young children is a beautiful thing. It’s also A LOT of hard work. You’re constantly cleaning up after the mini-me's, feeding them, trying to keep them happy, and just hoping that they’ll sleep through the night. With all of the responsibility that comes with motherhood, the last thing you need is more stress about the products and supplies you purchase for your kids and yourself.

Lafayette Mom’s and Babies takes the stress out of choosing gear, gifts, and managing motherhood. Holly Walker, the shop's owner, selects the majority of what she sells from personal experience with her own children. So, when everyone's throwing up, you've got that goin' for you!

Here's what Holly had to say...

Is Lafayette Moms and Babies something you always knew you’d start?

“When I was a new mom, there were things I wanted for my daughter that weren’t available to buy locally – things I wanted to be able to touch and feel. I also had the desire to buy things in my own town, not online, and it wasn’t an option. I opened this store because I figured I wasn’t the only person who felt this way. Almost all of my products are things that I’d want for my own children.

I’ve always been the kind of person who wanted to do her own thing, especially since my family has always been entrepreneurs. Before this, I was working as the general manager for my brother’s business. But, motherhood is definitely what triggered this specific store."

What motherhood challenges do you address?

“We offer postpartum support groups that are overseen by licensed counselors, and totally free of charge. They are for ANY mother – even mothers-to-be. You don’t have to have depression. It’s just a great support group. We’re actually moving to host this at Lafayette General Hospital.

This idea came about because shortly after we opened, one of my very valuable customers was suffering from postpartum depression. She tried to find help and there was none. Not a single place in our area would help or offer support for postpartum depression or anxiety. She’s a great customer and was in the shop all the time, so we’ve become great friends. One day she told me, ‘Hey, I’m a counselor and I’d love to start this group.’ And we just went from there.”

Have there been other meaningful customer interactions?

All of my customer relationships have been great. I get to know them, and I get to help them overcome obstacles. For example, babywearing is a big thing I’ve introduced to my customers. I personally enjoyed being able to wear my little girl when she was a baby, and I really love to help moms learn how to do this to. A lot of moms don’t know how to do this, or they think it’s uncomfortable, or that their baby is too heavy. They don’t realize it’s an option. Or, sometimes they try an uncomfortable carrier and then think that every carrier is uncomfortable.

How do you feel about the Acadiana community?

“I love the people here. I have so many amazing customers. When they come in, we talk like we’re best friends. I mean, truly, some of them have become my best friends. Nobody’s a stranger. I’ll sit there and have an hour-long conversation with some of the people who come in. I’ve never lived anywhere else, but I feel like people’s experiences in other towns just aren’t like it is here in Acadiana.”

Whether you’re a mother, mother-to-be, or have friends or family with young children, you’ll want to come by Lafayette Moms and Babies to find baby care and mama care items that are both cute and useful. Before you visit, don’t forget to download Towny (FREE!) to get instant megaperks + benefit YOUR community, one purchase at a time.