If there’s one thing you should know about business owner Neal Alexander it’s that he is committed. Neal serves the Lubbock community through his auto, home, and business glass repair service – Glass Doctor of Lubbock. After talking with Neal, it’s beyond apparent that the Lubbock community holds a number one spot in his heart.

What do you like about being a local Lubbock business?

“The relationships that I’ve built throughout the last several years have been so important to me. Before Glass Doctor I traveled a lot working for a global community, and I didn’t have so much time to spend with the local businesses. Now I spend more time in Lubbock and I’ve found it’s a very tight-knit community and friendly town. It’s been my blessing to be able to be home and be local.”

How did you get connected with the Glass Doctor Franchise?

“Well, I was part of PPG Industries and when I worked with them, I had several Glass Doctors that I called upon. I was really impressed with their business model and business practices. With Glass Doctor of Lubbock, we’re locally owned and operated but we also have the buying power of a national company. We also have the national warranties that nobody can offer such as a warranty lasting a lifetime on labor.

In terms of repair and glass work, I just really like this industry. I’ve been doing glass for more than half of my life, so it’s just part of me and it’s what I like. I also like that it’s a service industry because it’s important to me to be able to help others.”

When did you get your start in this industry?

“I started in the glass industry in 1991. It was actually supposed to be a temporary job at the time. However, throughout that summer things really excelled for me and I got promoted a couple of times...and here I am still in the glass industry today. I retired once in 20 years and decided to be local, be part of my community, and be home for my family.”

What have you enjoyed during your time running this business?

“Oh man, there are several highlights. I think actually getting to know people and see repeat business and repeat customers is a highlight itself – the fact that people are coming back when they have the opportunity to go elsewhere.

As we continue to grow, I’d like to increase the number of specialists we have, which means more vehicles. I’ll probably need to have another location soon. I moved into this location two years ago thinking we’d be here a good 10 years or more, but we’re already outgrowing where we are. So we’ll definitely have to do something more to continue to serve Lubbock.”

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