Whether your hair, skin, and nails are asking for some attention or if you’re just after some good ole' pampering (I think the newest term is "self-care"), here are four dreamy, not-just-hair salons in and around Evansville that'll help elevate your look and have you feeling your rested best.

  1. If you want to get your hair, nails, and wax-ations done all in the same swoop (don't forget a facial!), Image Makers Hair Salon is the place to go. They are a family-friendly, upbeat salon with talented stylists who happen to care about the integrity of your hair. Not like your hair's going to make a bad decision or lie to you, but more like, the state of your lovely locks being whole and undivided :) These professionals hold a five-star rating on Facebook and run the gamut on service so why.are.you.still.here. Wink, wink. 

  2. Loleta’s Hair, Nails, Etc. will have your hair looking cheddar gorge, no matter what type of tresses you possesses. Sound too good to be true? For once, it's not. They are a full-service, multi-cultural salon and will work with all kinds of hair! That's beautiful, in and of itself. The salon has a unique and relaxed environment and stylists who are experienced and friendly. Cue Lady Gaga's be-who-you-are melody entitled "Hair" and let Loleta's make your style, your way happen for you!

  3. Take the experiences everyone would expect to see at a full-service beauty spa and more, and you'll have Head to Toe Salon. A list of services so many, we're just going to point you straight there because you've got some indulging to do. (Perhaps just up-keep and maintenance? You decide.) You're going to feel beautiful after your visit and you're going to look beautiful – from head to shining sea (also through next November!).

  4. Emporium Hair Salon is Evansville's award-winning spot for all things hair, nails, and face. Seriously. They were voted "Best Salon" in 2008 and 2009 as Evansville Reader's Choice Award Gold Recipient. Get your hair done in a way that's stylish and that makes YOU feel like YOU. After all, their slogan is "be-YOU-tiful".

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