Welcome to River Ranch.

What once was simply a suburban development project on the south side of Lafayette is now a lively neighborhood filled with independently owned restaurants, shops, and other entertainment. Just moved into the area or planning to visit for a day? Here are the scenes you’ll definitely want to check out!

  1. Take your taste buds on a mysterious, scientific adventure! You can bring your other buds, too, if they're into deliciousness. Professor Bob Bean’s uses fancy liquid nitrogen machines to create scrumptious ice cream concoctions. The shop's also got hi-tech coffee machines for hot and cold coffee drinks. Bring (all of) your atoms around for a sweet treat and a one-of-a-kind, techie/foodie experience.

  2. You’re out and you’re getting tons of compliments on your outfit. We know! You just shopped Park Lane Boutique. This chic shop has everything from high-end gowns to vintage dresses to your much-needed new pair of say-yes jeans. Have a look-see. We'll just say, it's hard to walk out empty-handed! 

  3. There's no need to be dramatic or anything but, Lafayettiens! You gotta know what you've got in Ben Leger's MySomm. Certified Sommelier (read: local informant + deliverer of the wines you already love and the ones he introduces you to) is committed to learning your palate and equally passionate about turning his parishioners on to new wines – all in a very non-intimidating way. Swing by Ben's store to pick out a few bottles or contact MySomm to put an order in and it shall arrive at thy houseth. The option for private events such as tastings, food and wine pairings, and educational wine classes is also available to you. Happy birthday to you! 

  4. Are you a mom with babies or a baby on the way? Here's the news: Lafayette’s Moms and Babies is clearly where it's at for you and your little, new person. They’ve got allllll the baby supplies you could want. What's unclear is whether it's you or your baby who's drooling: everything is super stylish and uber cute! You guys, this is a solid place to scope out a gift for moms-to-be. Just. Sayin. 

  5. Parish Ink may sound like the name of a tattoo parlor, but it’s actually the name of a rockin' Louisiana-based apparel shop. And by rockin' I don't necessarily mean music as much as the general awesomeness of their creativity and industry. These guys sell clothing for men, women, and children of all ages, along with killer cool items like drinkware, stickers, license plates, patches (We don't need no stinking patches!) – well, we think you do. You can also have shirts custom designed there and screen printed so there you go. 

  6. Medical professionals, rejoice! Scrub Worx has a huge selection of comfy, practical, and cute scrubs. They’ve also got great accessories to make YOUR day at the hospital or medical center a total breeze. You know, while you're making everyone else's?Come in, take a look at the variety, and enjoy the top-notch customer service.

  7. BeLush Boutique has earned a five-star rating from a lotta clients, cher. Women's clothing and accessories for who they refer to as "royalty on a budget." Ah, my dear shopper, they're funny, too! You’ll definitely be treated well, as the boutique is known for super friendly and helpful staff. They cater to fashionistas of all sizes and ages! 

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