To say that Wild West Vintage Decor is simply a home decor store would be a HUGE understatement. When you step into Wild West, you are entering a world of completely unique and fascinating vintage creations. Whether you’re passionate about interiors or not, your eyes will not go hungry, browsing through rows and rows and rows of peculiar items.

Owner and founder Lacy Jones has put in a ton of hard work and passion to make Wild West Vintage the decor haven it is today.

What came first, the hobby of crafting or the business idea?

“Me and my mom have been crafting our whole life. We’ve also been fixing stuff up and repurposing for a long time, too. When I got to college I really started doing more of that since all I could afford was garage sale pieces.

In 2006, my mom and I started a little booth at KK’s Craft Mall. We started growing and growing, so then we decided to do shows. We got on the road and went all over Texas. Then, three years ago, we opened up a store. It kind of just snowballed.”

Tell me more about the Wild West camper.

“A lot of food trucks were popping up six or so years ago. I thought they were awesome, but God knows I can’t cook. I wanted something like that with vintage decor, but really eye-catching and different. My mom found a trailer on the side of the road and it was perfect. We fixed it up and started promenading it. When people step inside, it’s basically like boutique shopping but junk instead of clothes. We still use it today.”

How was the transition from camper to storefront?

“It was very unpredictable. It was a little more trying than we thought. After the first and second show, we were able to figure out how to keep the store open while doing the shows. It was trial and tribulation as with most things.”

Your variety of items is seriously amazing. Where do you get your decor?

“We try to find the craziest and most trendy items when we travel. Me, my mom, husband, and dad will go out and look for items everywhere and anywhere. We go to flea markets, antique shows. We want to bring a unique shopping experience every single time you come into our store.”

What else are you known for, other than vintage decor?

“We have a flea market the last Saturday of every month called Junk Fest. It’s just word of mouth right now. We have 60 or so vendors who come and set up. We also have food trucks and live music. We just added a farmers market which will be here every single Saturday including the Junk Fest Saturday. It’s definitely something I suggest people come and see because it is so. much. fun.”

Do you see Junk Fest continuing to grow?

“Definitely. I’m hoping to grow to 100 vendors in the next few years. I want Junk Fest to be one of the biggest events in Lubbock. Plus, as Junk Fest grows, our business will continue to grow.”

Is the Lubbock community important to you, as a business owner?

“I LOVE our community so much. They really get behind local businesses. For example, Junk Fest is only known because of word of mouth in the community. Every single time we open the store, we have so many brand new people, and it’s all due to our customers talking about us. Without that level of support, we just couldn’t do what we do today. They’ve been really great to all of us local businesses.”

Businesses like Wild West Vintage Decor are part of what makes Lubbock, Lubbock. It’s inspiring to see local business owners take root and add value to the community – and, in this case, creativity and innovation, to boot! Wanting to spice up your home with a little decor? Download Towny to stay in touch with local.