If you’re like most Lubbock residents, you depend on your car or truck on a daily basis. It gets you to work, school, and wherever else you need to go. The better and more often you take care of your car, the more you can depend on it to be a reliable source of transportation.

(I mean seriously, you can only use “car troubles” as an excuse for being late for so long. I'm not lookin' at you. What!?).

Trust us, you don’t want to wait until your engine is smoking orrr your brakes are screeching to make a visit to the auto shop. And no, a good rain storm is not the best way to wash your car. Check out these local Lubbock stops where you can take care of your 4-wheeled friend.

Keep those rags and machines hummin'

Racer Classic Car Wash is an award-winning car wash that will have your car ready to jump on the racetrack and show off. They are known for giving your car hands-on, personal attention and ensuring your expectations are exceeeeeeded. Who doesn't like the sound a that?!

Monkey Splash will get your car looking shiny and new with a bit more than a splash. Think about car wash offerings ranging from a simple wash and rinse to a deluxe wash and wax. They are open seven days a week, so stop by anytime! Wax on, wax off, everybody.

If it’s broke, they’ll fix it. If it ain’t broke, they’ll help you keep it that way.

Scott's Complete Car Care does just what the name says – offers complete care for your entire car, bumper to trunk-er. They have been serving Lubbock and the surrounding area for more than 20 years, and their technicians provide outstanding customer service on everything from general maintenance to complex repairs. "I got a complicated order...next!" 

Dalton's Automotive provides engine repair, transmissions, brake service and electrical systems repair, and much more. They use the latest diagnostic equipment, so they’ll always find the source of your auto problem. El doctor! For your vehicle!

Shepherd’s Auto Care: You shall not want...for good, quality work and good, quality service. (Translation: they're gonna take care of you.) Their techs work hard AND make their customers feel welcomed and at ease. Visit Shepherd’s for auto repair and clear advice on how to avoid mechanical issues in the future. Hoods up, my people: they’re the only auto shop in Lubbock enrolled in a national warranty program. Feel safer already.

Willis Auto and Diesel Service What you talkin' 'bout, Willis? We're going to tell ya! This operation strives to provide unparalleled honesty, integrity, and quality to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction. (Sounds good, ya'll. Sounds reeeal good.) Go by there for full auto and diesel repair and maintenance services + to find out how they never put money ahead of their customers.

Complete Auto Repair's expert skills include the whole enchilada: complex diagnostics, maintenance services, under the hood, undercarriage services, and mucho more-o. Hallo! If you’ve got a European car, they are one of the only alternatives to franchised dealership service centers for your European needs in West Texas. Can I get a wiener schnitzel with that tune up? Will the von Trapps be there? You gotta go there to find out.

Christian Brother Automotive offers supreme auto repair service, and in addition to great mechanics, they’ve got an easy-to-use online scheduling system. Check out their website and make an appointment today! Be right back; I'm crying at their "About Us > Company History" section. (And YOU should be crying happy tears at their close-to-heaven stats and reviews.)

Grease Monkey 1050 is a depot for all of your car maintenance needs. In addition to car care, they provide affordable fleet services to extend the life of your fleet vehicles, increase the productivity and safety of your drivers, and keep the wheels of your business turning. Good for you & sweet for your fleet, when they're not on their feet, in the street, and the heat...mmmkay.

Where to go when your car is more than just a car:

Paint Doctor provides full body paint and paint touch-ups, as well as repair services. Sure, your car or truck is a mode of transportation but, it can also make a statement about who you are. Let them heal your wheel(s) and take that visual up a notch (or 5,000).

Frequency 32 What do RoboCop, R2D2, Mr. Gadget, and Kenneth have to do with Frequency 32? Your vehicle essentially will take on all (okay, MANY) of their capabilities. The specialists here can handle all of your car's electronic needs including audio, video, security, and more. So, yeah, Mr. Gadget, but cooler. Much, much cooler. Got a boat? These guys also offer boat audio services. Hello, Aquaman?

5 Knights Custom Accessories IS your knight in shining armor when it comes to creating the truck of your dreams. This place offers a mega-slew of custom truck parts + features to add to your ride. Suspension installations, electrical repair, custom paint, and vehicle renderings are just a few things on the can-do list here at 5 Knights.

B & R Auto Parts carries a huge range of auto parts and even has a search-for-parts feature on their website (that's handy!). Whether it's a top seller or a hard-to-find part, B&R will strive to get exactly what you need. They also provide auto service! Bada bing, bada boom. 

Every Lubbockite in sight's gonna be taken care of in these parts. (See what I did there?)

In short, keep it real. Keep it local. But wait, Towny actually *does* allow you to keep it really local.

Download this to see about it! Help us help you.