You and your friends decide to create a weekend volleyball league. You practice, you get good, and you’re ready to compete in a tournament. You’ve got a team color, you’ve bought matching shirts...but you need a reliable printer to make it magic (or at least to show the world which number you are and maybe the name of your team). General Diversity Screen Printing in Lubbock can solidify your message with the promise of expertise.

Owner and lead designer Michael Rangel, knows exactly how to design the perfect logo and have it professionally printed onto the material of your choice.

How did you get into the screen printing industry?

In college, I made some shirts for a friend of mine, and ever since then I just took an interest in design. After I graduated, it was hard finding a graphic design job here in town. I started to think why don’t I just start creating my own work?, and that’s how I started this business.

Where did you come up with the name “General Diversity”?

Me and Albert, who helped me start this business, played softball together, and General Diversity was the name of our softball team. When we decided to start this screen printing business, we decided to keep the name.

What else are you known for?

We provide marketing solutions like business cards and logo design. Customers can come in with a vague idea or they can be super specific. Either way once it’s time for me to get started, I give it an artistic, professional look.

Why should customers work with you, as a local screen printing service?

We offer custom and premium design work. That’s something that sets us apart. Anything we can put our imagination into on the computer, we can put on a shirt. We’re very flexible that way.

Where do you see the business going in the next few years?

Hopefully I’m still in business! The past five years went by so fast, and I hope to continue to grow. When people in Lubbock think of custom shirts, I want them to think of me first. I also hope to do more to use my gift to serve God. Right now I do a lot for my church, The Worship Center. I really like doing that.

What makes this all worth it for you?

Any time I see people wearing shirts I’ve made, I feel pretty proud. I’ll be out at the mall or grocery store and see people wearing my work, which is great. Sometimes I’ll see kids in a sports jersey I designed and I like to ask how the team is doing, if they’ve won, that sort of thing.

What do you like about being a business in Lubbock?

I love how everybody knows everybody. We get recommended by a lot of previous customers, and I think Lubbock is real good about that. It’s a small town, but a big town at the same time.

We agree! Lubbock is a great community for being connected and staying connected. You can stay connected with the latest happenings of General Diversity on their website. To see their current deals and offerings, download the Towny app for iOS or Android. Curious about Towny? Click here.