1. You have been tasked with planning an event, whether it be for work or family occasion. Heart and Soul Cuisine not only caters, but can also plan any event including weddings, corporate events or private parties.

2. You are drowning in your to-do lists and have assumed the fetal position.  The staff at Heart and Soul Cuisine has event planning down. So if you are just feeling too overwhelmed, or don’t even know where to begin, give them a call! They specialize in customizing events and menus to meet your specific needs.

3. The thought of setting up and cleaning up after an event fills you with dread. You want the freedom to enjoy yourself and your guests.  Heart and Soul Cuisine handles the entire event, from setup to cleanup.

Heart and Soul Cuisine 3.jpg

4. Your event guests have dietary restrictions

The knowledgeable team at Heart and Soul Cuisine can adapt and create a tasty menu for whatever dietary restrictions that come their way.

5. You are in a weekend rut, and want something new and interesting to do with your friends. This team really does have a heart of gold.  Not only do they have some of the best recipes around, they are willing to share them with you!  Cooking classes from Heart and Soul Cuisine will shake up your weekend routine. So grab a group of friends and set up your very own, (and tailored to you) evening of cooking. You will learn, have fun, and eat delicious food. What could be better than that?

6. You hate planning events, but want people to think you love it. Everyone that attends your event WILL think you love it because of all the love Heart and Soul puts into what they do! And you will LOVE working with Jessica and her team of professionals.

7. You want to include Great Aunt Edna’s famous pies in your event menu. Not to worry! The team at Heart and Soul Cuisine prides themselves on their flexibility to meet your needs. They will endeavor to do their best at including whatever is special to you.

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8. You want to eat something delicious for lunch. Get ready to leap for joy because now is the part where you find out that Heart and Should Cuisine also has a dine in restaurant! You read that right. Now you can truly indulge in their delicious offerings most days of the week. Check out The Tea Room by Heart and Soul Cuisine located inside of KK’s Corner Mall. Open from Tuesday-Saturday 11am-2:30pm.

9. You have a craving for a homemade sweet treat. And speaking of The Tea Room, head over there to taste their incredibly delicious homemade desserts.  Options change from day to day, so be sure to ask your server, or call to inquire.

10. You want to work with a  catering professional who feels more like a dear friend. Because your happiness as a client is central to the mission of Heart and Soul Cuisine, every effort is made to understand you and your vision for your event. The level of expertise and caring that you get when you work with Heart and Soul Cuisine will truly make you feel like you are working with a close friend.

Friend these cheery folks on Facebook, get a free event consultation, or walk into the Tea Room and redeem a free dessert deal using the Towny app.