Imagine a place (it's probably floating, with clouds) where the "sweat, blood, and tears" of going to the post office vanishes. Or, at least the "sweat, blood, and I forgot my packing tape" or "I need a gift" and "this is going to take so long; no one's ever going to see me again" vanishes.

Poof! Take the bore out of chore: this shop includes the perfect gift, the perfect gift wrapping supplies, and the exactly right packaging supplies. PLUS, the ability to mail it out for you.

No, you have not died and gone to heaven. You just haven't lived until you've mailed from Package Plus in Lubbock. Read on, dear postage pirates. For you will want to learn of how to pillage this plocation. 

We caught owner Sommer Prichard to share the backstory of all she and her team offer the surrounding community.

Gifts, packaging, and mailing all in one place is a brilliant idea! How did this idea come about?

“Package Plus was the first shipping and mailing store in town when my father-in-law opened it in 1985. Back then, it was just packing and shipping. When I took over Package Plus six years ago, I thought packaging by itself was pretty boring, so I decided to bring in my own flair for gifts. My grandparents owned several businesses, so I grew up going to market with them. I would help my grandmother pick out items for her jewelry store. I’ve always enjoyed shopping for specific items.”

(Don't put this family in a box!)

How do you decide what gifts to put in the store?

“I go to market in Dallas and spend hours walking the showroom, searching for items that speak to me. I like things that are colorful and different – things that you won’t find just anywhere. I’d also love to start selling more local items as well.”

Besides gifts and shipping services, is there anything else you offer?

“Yes! We recently started a rental sign service. It’s great for graduations, birthdays or any special occasion. People can come in and customize a sign and message, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll go set it up and tear it down ourselves.”

“We truly are a one-stop shop. We have mailbox rentals and we’ll hold packages for people. Theft off of porches has become a big issue in the area, so our customers can rest assured that their packages are safe with us. Here. Also, we’ll package all sorts of specialty items. Just recently we packed a big deer head. Only in Texas, right?”

It sounds like you really take care of your customers.

“Definitely. For me, the best part of running the business is the relationships I’ve made. A lot of customers have become good friends of mine. I’ve also gotten close to a lot of the elderly in the community. If they need something they’ll call me and I’ll make special trips for them on the weekends."

(Gets ya right in the heart.)

"We get a lot of repeat customers and referral customers because of the relationships we’ve established."

And speaking of relationships, is this a family-run business?

“Yes, the staff is myself and my daughter Maddie, who is in college. She’s a hard worker and we make a great team because she can almost read my mind. One of Maddie’s friends works with us sometimes as well.”

What is being a local Lubbock business like for you?

“The Lubbock community has been great. Other business owners support each other. We get together and stick together as much as we can. I think for so many Lubbock businesses, customer service is a big deal because we value the people in our community.”

After talking with Sommer first hand, there’s just no doubt: Package Plus is one of those Lubbock businesses that value the community.

Take a deep breath and direct your Google Maps to Package Plus the next time you're in a crunch, needing to shop and send. Don’t miss out on losing your shipping stress. Let Package Plus and Sommer take care of you. You're worth that, Lubbock.