Everyone knows you can go local for dining, coffee, and juice. But beyond foodstuffs, can you really choose local in every area of life?

Yes, you can.

Your local merchants are competing with six figure marketing budgets. It’s hard to get discovered! But if you choose to look for it, you’ll find that categories far beyond food and shopping have amazing local variety and affordable prices.

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Choosing local.

It's a way of living that matters for your community.

1. Everything Cars – Oil changes, tire rotations, wipers, tune-ups, and cars themselves are competitive locally.

2. One-Person Services – Plumbers, Realtors, Pest Control, Furniture Repair, Styling, Interior Design… you name it, you’ll be blown away by the passionate crafters and owners of local businesses that do things for you.

3. Entertainment – Whether it’s the trampoline park, tours of the local wildlife scene, a night of art and food, wine-bars, high-powered go-karting, or catching a movie… your city has your adventure.

4. Creatives – Need custom t-shirts? Signs? Photography? Posters? Urban fashion? Pottery? Put yourself in the driver’s seat instead of hiring an expensive interior designer, and suddenly the world of custom work is affordable. Your city’s creatives have great businesses!

5. Health and Fitness – Only a local business is going to offer something as innovative as the combination of therapy, counseling, a dietician, and fitness to keep a family moving. Enjoy the multitude of options to stay healthy

6. Furniture, Antiques, and Hand-Made – Most artisans that don’t work for a New York magazine are passionate about more than just making something interesting or attractive: they want you to have it. Many local shops specifically focus on making unique affordable. You just have to find them!

7. Weird, Wild, and Wonderful – From making awards and trophies to cooking classes to paddle tours to alkaline water to computer gaming centers to music lessons… let the flavor of your local community come to life by sniffing it out!

See? It's almost more challenging to find something that cannot be purchased from a locally-owned business.

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