Some fashion trends seem to constantly be in style. Just as they start to fade out, they’re back but with a new twist or flare. If you stay close to the owners of HerringStone’s and HeirLoom by HerringStone’s, it's easier to keep current. With 29 years of business under their belt, these ladies have watched many "it things" come and go. Their longevity is what adds to their styling expertise. The owners know exactly how to take vintage looks and revamp them, as well as introduce new trends to the shop.

So who are these fashion savvy ladies? Meet sisters Debbie Herrington and Cindy Stone, daughter Hanna Herrington, and newest to the ownership team, Claire Kostelka.

These passionate business owners have brought some of the best brands and merchandise to Acadiana. Although Hanna and Claire are a generation apart from Debbie and Cindy, together, they bring a blend of styles, tastes and personality to the boutiques.


For HeirLoom owner Claire Kostelka, this business means so much more than clothes. As a teenager, Claire lived right down the street from the flagship HerringStone’s boutique in Monroe. She can remember frequenting the boutique while in high school. As fate would have it, the year Claire moved to Lafayette for college, HerringStone’s opened their second location in Lafayette. She worked at the boutique through her school years, and slowly worked her way up to management.


After graduating from the University of Louisiana Lafayette, Claire went on to teach for two years. It soon became clear that her true passion lay with fashion and imaging, so she returned to HerringStone’s. Not only does she have a knack for retail, but she has the personality to connect with the people she encounters.

“My favorite part of running HeirLoom is interacting with customers. That’s where my heart is. I love seeing them light up when they feel good about themselves, and I love giving them that confidence,” says Claire.

When Debbie, Cindy, and Hanna discussed opening a third location in Youngsville, Claire decided to buy in. They wanted to keep the HerringStone style and brand, but give it another name, with Claire as owner. Thus, HeirLoom by HerringStone’s was born.

Although the boutiques are each in a different part of Acadiana, they have a unified vibe and theme. When people come to HerringStone’s or HeirLoom, they come for the experience. This is the boutique where you can walk in and be confident that you’ll find a head-to-toe outfit. They carry a range of clothing as well as shoes, jewelry, and a variety of accessories to complete any look.


These boutiques not only understand women’s fashion, but they also understand the schedule of today’s working woman. “We know that the modern working woman has a busy schedule during the day. If people want to schedule time to shop outside of store hours, they can.We also offer outside of store hour parties complete with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres,” says Claire. (I'm swooning at this kind of service.)

HeirLoom by HerringStone’s is not only here to stay, but they are here to grow. They plan to open multiple locations in the future – Louisiana and beyond.

As much growth is to come, they'll always have a heart for Acadiana. “Anywhere you go in America, you’re not going to find nicer people. Everyone is so kind,” says Claire.

With their fashion-forward trends and (ridiculously) accommodating customer service, there’s no doubt they’ll continue to lead their following toward true chic. Check out HerringStone’s online for more!