What’s the most creative, unique cake you can imagine? A cake sculpted into a tackle box complete with fishing lines and fish? A cake shaped like a deer with a full set of antlers? How about a casino-themed cake with playing cards, poker chips and dice decked on top?

At Sky’s the Limit Cakes, you can order all of those cakes and more.

I had a chance to interview the owners of this locally-owned Acadian business. 

What makes you excited?

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The more creative your idea, the more excited she is to get going! Skylar Manuel, owner of Sky’s the Limit Cakes, can make a cake into just about anything you can imagine.

Why start a business?

For Skylar, being a business owner isn’t just about the freedom to choose her own hours – although it’s definitely a perk!

Skylar’s favorite part owning and managing the bakery is the freedom to be creative. Her best days on the job are the days customers come to the bakery with an idea and allow her to run with it. Skylar has a strong artistic eye and a great hand for decorating. Her mission is to make cakes that are works of art and representative of the customer as an individual.

What's the most unique cake so far?

Skylar reflects back on a Star Wars themed R2-D2 cake. Not only did she bake and decorate the cake, but she also custom-made a special wooden stand to display the cake. How cool is that?

How did you learn to cakemake?

Skylar’s creativity and talent come naturally, but they are also the result of years of training and practice. She began baking and decorating years before Sky’s the Limit Cakes was even a thought.

Skylar grew up watching her mother bake cakes. Her mom would go to cake decorating classes, and when she came home to practice, Skylar would follow her around the kitchen learning to bake and decorate. Then at the age of 19, Skylar began working for Katie Meaux of Katie Bakes. With Katie, Skylar learned even more about baking and about life in the bakery business.

Skylar reflects fondly on her time with Katie noting that Katie not only taught her, but also became a near and dear friend. Unfortunately, Katie began to have health problems and was no longer able to run the business. However, what seemed to be an ending also turned into a new beginning for Skylar. When Katie Bakes closed, Skylar decided to take over and start her own business. Thus, Sky’s the Limit Cakes was born and three years later she is still going strong.

What do you love about lafayette?

While Skylar loves baking and decorating, she loves her customers even more.

“What I love most about Lafayette is the people. You can’t find people like this anywhere else,” Skylar says. She loves that her customers are so easy to work with and feels as though she has become family with many of her customers.

What more could you ask for from a bakery? At Sky’s the Limit Cakes, you have tons of flavors and options to choose from, and you have a passionate, creative, and dedicated baker to make your wildest cake dreams come true. From cupcakes and cakepops to sculpted cakes, Skylar Manuel has your sweet tooth covered!

Visit Sky’s The Limit online to check out the menu or to get in contact.