You don't have to live in Evansville to understand that this city's cuisine scene is in a league of its own. Whether you're on the lookout for a hearty lunch stop, a leisurely dinner experience or a delectable dessert, let your tastebuds dance with the options below. You'll be happy you did. And you'll be full, so, bonus. 

  1. If you didn't know that Italian-Thai Fusion is a thing, you've clearly never stopped by Pangea Kitchen before. Awaiting within, a symphony of flavor spanning two continents, intermingled in your next meal. And it works.
  2. Then again, comfort food comes in many forms, and for some, somewhere around the time your Hot Pot steaming broth arrives, Yang's Shabu Shabu ushers you to happiness. 
  3. Drop by The Dapper Pig on Mondays and take part in the chef's tasting menu, a culinary playground where flavors trot out to play. There's a reason that pig's so dapper: he's expecting company.  The other days are pretty tempting, too.
  4. Save room for dessert! Milk & Sugar Scoop Shoppe keeps your sugar rush on speed dial with a Belgian Waffle with Sticky Bun icing at the ready. Should you prefer your ice cream piled high on a cone instead, they've got you.
  5. The Pizza Revolution will not be televised...but it will be on a bus. This double decker British style bus is turning out some of the most astonishing Neopolitan-style pizza Evansville's ever seen. Bring your appetite, they'll bring you the wood-fired delight.
  6. What's not to love about comfort food staples against the live music backdrop at Lamasco Bar & Grill? Breakfast time can be anytime here, as they're dealing morning meals (and more) all day long.