Who's hungry? Lubbock's many local restaurants are only too happy to send you home stuffed, whether you crave a breakfast bite, a lunchtime pick-me-up, or a leisurely dinner out. In fact, your toughest call might be choosing which place to stop first. Lucky for you, we can help.

  1. If you've never heard someone ask "What's a Taco Box?" you've probably never hit up Taqueria y Panaderia Guadalajara, home to just about the best street tacos you'll find in the Hub City.  Affordable, authentic, delicious.
  2. A pizza is a pizza, until it's a calzone. We've all known those days where nothing but a giant cheesy slice of pie will do  Then again, step inside Giorgio's Pizza and you may just find yourself face to face with the pizza-inside-crust wonder of a calzone. Put it in your face. That's how calzones work. 
  3. Lead with some queso. Follow with some queso. In a city unabashedly fond of Tex-Mex, Montelongo's dials up a mean enchilada plate, one destined to provide a measuring stick to which others may aspire. It's leisurely in here, but that enchilada's calling your name. Be ready. 
  4. Ride that wave.  Cast aside landlocked fare and reel in a fresh or fried catch from Shrimp Galley, who's been docked in Lubbock for years. Hearty, fresh comfort food, courtesy of savvy fishermen and the folks rendering it tasty. 
  5. Maybe dessert's your jam? Thumbprint cookies? Strawberry filled cupcakes? Yes please. Find those and other divine delights at Simply Decadent, where they take their name seriously, and translate it straight into your sweet tooth.
  6. Venture over to Cactus Alley and you'll find Cocina de La Sirena tucked away like a special secret. Perch inside or al fresco and take in the mindfully sourced, artistically revealed dishes, served with a splash of Latin American amore. A savvy move for date night.