Chances are, if you've seen any high visibility printing around Waco you've come across the work of Robert and Rudy at RockReady Printing & Designs. Their professional largesse is matched only by their genuine interest in reciprocating the support they've seen from the town they call home. 

We caught up with them recently to shed some light on what's made Waco and RockReady a perfect match.

  1. How did RockReady happen?
    Robert: This guy here; Rudy. I was working (elsewhere). But we had an opportunity to get out and get big in Waco. 

    We started out, and 3 years out we bought DigiTech,, expanded from 1,000 to 4,000 square feet in a year. That’s why we’re here now, just growing every day. 

  2. What type of work is your bread & butter?
    We do a lot of work for KSSV, radio, TV, back to school drives, and we do a lot to give back to the community as well. We like to give back and support our customers. We also do several donations to booster clubs, little leagues, and sponsored teams. 

    Our biggest giving event is back to school event, completely free, and last year we had 600 people show up. This year we’re going to expand it, with the news outlet and churches, maybe even expanding to McLane Stadium. 

  3. What would surprise folks about y'all?
    Robert: I’d say how small we are and how much we do. We have six employees and we’re running two businesses in one. We’re just big and competitive as some of your bigger name screen companies in town. 

    Rudy: ...and we always go above and beyond. We like to do it unique, and do it from scratch. It takes a little longer but we’re one-on-one with our customers. That’s how we started years ago and I think we still do that today. 

    Robert: We’re a one stop shop. You can get embroidery, signs, banners, car wrap, business cards – everything. We’ll do complete design services, from interviewing folks through creative concepts and choices. 

  4. Tell me about some of your work that's made an impact.

    Rudy: La Vega went to the playoffs and won the state championships the first year. We designed a shirt and we had lines out the door! We were open until 10pm two or three days – we couldn’t keep shirts in stock. 

    I think we put a strobe light out front so people could see. Hundreds and hundreds of people lined up outside. We had a whole assembly line going! 

  5.  What do you love about Waco?
    Rudy: Born and raised here, I like it. Not too small, not too big, we’re an hour away from Dallas and Austin. 

    Robert: Kinda the same thing… small town, big town feeling. It’s growing. Lots of local businesses. Kinda getting that San Antonio, Austin kinda feel. We hope to be part of that downtown growth as well at some point.