Acadiana has TONS of shops + restaurants. Some of these local spots have been established for many years and have a rich history of serving Acadiana residents. Here are five spots that every true Acadiana local knows and loves.

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  1. Gambino’s Bakery is a dearly-loved staple serving traditional Louisiana specialities like King Cakes, Doberge cakes, yellow butter layer cakes, and other well-known treats. Although this bakery has gone through several changes throughout the years, many of Gambino’s recipes date back to nearly 100 years ago and are still used today! The sweet treats that have come out of Gambino’s are well-known in Acadiana and all over the world.

  2. HerringStone’s Boutique is a family owned-and-run boutique that has brought some of the best brands and merchandise to Acadiana. For almost 30 years, HerringStone’s has been a staple for women searching for the latest fashion trends all while experiencing friendly and helpful customer service. At HerringStone’s you can shop clothes, shoes, purses, and other accessories from the lovely Louisiana ladies who know how to make you look and feel your best.

  3. Blue Dog Cafe was founded in 2000 by George Rodrigue – a Louisiana artist famous for his depictions of Cajun culture and the iconic Blue Dog series. This restaurant takes classic Cajun dishes and adds a modern flair. In addition to a full food and drink menu, Blue Dog Cafe offers an award-winning Sunday brunch with live music, free mimosas, and a buffet serving up a huge variety of foods.

  4. Little Town Women’s Apparel is a boutique filled with clothing, home decor, accessories, and gifts for the modern lady. The boutique gets its name from the special “little town” hospitality that is ever so apparent in founder Mary-Jane Johnson, who brings her small-town background and charm to this store that Lafayette residents have come to love. For more than 38 years, Mary-Jane has clothed Acadiana with style, grace, and a deep-rooted love for the community.

  5. Caroline & Company is a unique gift shop that is well-known throughout Lafayette for their vast assortment of items ranging from home decor to baby gifts and so much more. This shop has been nominated and selected as the #1 Children's Store and #1 Gift Store in Acadiana – much-deserved awards for a store that provides high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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