(Enjole Interiors owner Sharon Lemund)

(Enjole Interiors owner Sharon Lemund)

Evansville native Sharon Lemond is an absolute rockstar when it comes to business, community, and curating unique finds. From her wide-ranging background to the products she carries in her interior design and decor shop, Enjolé Interiors, everything Sharon does has a unique flair you won’t find anywhere else. After several different business positions and retail ventures, Sharon combined her knowledge and experiences to create Enjolé Interiors. She is passionate about the interiors industry and about the people she gets to work with on a daily basis. “It’s like Christmas every day,” laughs Sharon. “Our team here is so fantastic, and they’re all knowledgeable about the industry. For me, to watch them work and watch the designers work just puts me in awe.”

Enjolé Interiors started when interior designer Tammy Stallings (the creative force behind several large projects in the Tri-State area) called Sharon and suggested the idea of opening a store. “Tammy called me about a year after I was a client of hers. We had really connected at the time. When she called, I was looking for a project to get into so I agreed to the idea,” says Sharon.

Almost as exciting as opening the shop itself, was the process of finding the perfect location. “When we started this project, we were actually looking to build on the east side in a small strip center, but it never worked out. We decided not to give up, and we found this building that was exactly what I had imagined for the shop. We drove up and it was just like, ‘wow there it is.’ So we moved downtown and got in on the ground level of what is considered up-and-coming downtown,” says Sharon.

As a local business owner, Sharon doesn’t take the gift of being located downtown for granted. “The people downtown are like one big family. We’re always looking out for each other. When customers come down here to shop, they may not be familiar with what’s been going on in this area. They’ll say things like, ‘oh my gosh I didn’t know all of this was happening down here.’ So I also make sure to educate the community on the full gem we have here in downtown,” says Sharon.

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Not only do customers get that one-of-a-kind Evansville experience when they shop at Enjolé, they also get the benefit of shopping from a store that has a wide variety of items you won’t find just anywhere. “There are a lot of lines we carry that other stores might not carry because we’re always searching for the most unique products. We don’t want stuff you’ll find at Home Goods or other chains,” says Sharon. “We want people to be happy in their homes, and we focus on fulfilling their wants as a customer and not our wants as a seller. Ultimately we strive for the customer’s happiness.”

When asked if there is anything else she’d like people in the community to know about Enjolé Interiors, Sharon is hopeful. “I just want people to know that we’re here. There are still a lot of people who don’t know about our store,” says Sharon. “We try to have something for everybody. We’ve picked up some furniture lines that are more moderate in price along with the high-end items, and we have gifts from jewelry to handbags to picture frames and so forth. We really have something for everybody here.”

When you shop at local Evansville businesses like Enjolé Interiors, you are not only building a robust economy, but you are supporting your very own neighbors. Find Enjolé Interiors on Towny – the free tool making it easy to choose local.