Have a few projects you want to tackle on your own? Don’t let your D-I-Y efforts turn into an #epicfail! Lubbock has several local businesses with the tools, and even classes, to help you do-it-yourself with success.

Here are FIVE local businesses helping you D-I-Y. Plus, they’ve got great deals on Towny – the easy way to explore Lubbock, buy local, and get rewarded for doing so! Check out Towny online or grab the mobile app for your phone. 

  1. When the blurry smart phone picture just won’t make the cut, a professional camera is what you need. Armadillo Camera sells high-quality cameras so you can capture those special moments, that beautiful scenery, or take pics of your loved ones. If you’re new to photography, the expert staff can walk you through exactly what you’ll need! P.S. – once you’re done taking those gorgeous pics, head back to Armadillo Camera to have prints made so you can show off your skills! (Read the story here!)

  2. Can you call it a true meal-from-scratch if you didn’t hunt the meat yourself? Get the supplies you need to hunt for your own dinner at Sharp Shooters. They’re the largest gun store in the area with more than 3,800 handguns, rifles, and shotguns. In addition to hunting supplies, they also offer classes for gun safety and use.

  3. Grill up a delicious meal with seasonings, sauces, and of course, a grill from The Outdoor Chef. They’ve got a HUGE selection of high-quality products for everyone from the grill master to the novice, and everything you need for the outdoor kitchen you’ve always wanted. Plus, in the warmer months you can take grilling and smoking classes right from the Owners (and professional barbecue masters!), Tony and Sheryl Valentine. (Read their story here!)

  4. The ultimate crafter deserves the ultimate crafting experience! If you’re looking for a D-I-Y project that’s both fun and social, head over to Board and Brush Lubbock. Their wood sign workshops provide the supplies and guidance you need to create unique, handmade wood signs. Book a class with a friend or reserve a private party for your next birthday, bridal shower, or group event.

  5. Have an inner masterchef that’s bursting to show off? Get the tools you need to whip up an impressive + tasty meal from Whisk’d. This kitchen boutique has pretty much all the cookware you could ever want or need, plus Owner Diane Abbott is there to offer a friendly face and a helpful hand. (Read the story here!)

Ready to get out and do-it-yourself? Go for it! Before you get started, find these local Lubbock businesses (and so much more!) on Towny!