Remember that dream job you had as a child? It’s rare for many of us to be employed in the job we thought we’d have as a kid, but Alison Alba (Owner of Simply Decadent Bakery) is one of the lucky ones. Alison brings her love of sweets and creativity to this local Lubbock bakery, and it is a dearly-loved spot in the community. We spoke with Alison to learn more about her origins in baking and how Simply Decadent Bakery came to be.

How did this bakery get started?

Owner Alison Alba and her son (photo credit: Shine a Little Photography)

Owner Alison Alba and her son (photo credit: Shine a Little Photography)

“The previous owner, Krista Bailey, opened Simply Decadent Bakery in 2012. This was a passion of hers. I started working for Krista in 2015, and eventually she brought me on as her kitchen manager. Then, last year she decided she wanted to sell the business, and I decided to purchase it from her. I’ve wanted to own a bakery since I was around ten years old – this has always been a dream of mine. I was the girl asking for a KitchenAid mixer, and as a ten-year-old, I would have sleepovers and bake brownies for the girls who slept over.”

What do you love about baking?

“It’s mainly the creativity aspect, and the fact that I’m making something delicious that people can enjoy. I love the decorating part of baking because it’s nice to create something beautiful that brings joy and that ‘wow’ factor. We’ve had people almost cry because what we made was so beautiful.

I also love that we get to do different events, like charity events, where we get to think outside of the box and get creative. For me, it’s really cool and fun to be able to do so many different things in this one industry.”

What’s that special touch customers get from you as a locally-owned bakery?

“We are a from-scratch bakery, so we can tell you about every ingredient we use in every product. That’s something that sets us apart from the non-local spots. If you ask us what’s in something we’ve made, one of the bakers or I can tell you everything that’s in the recipe. I don’t pull out a box and read off ingredients or chemicals. Everything we make is from scratch.

For example, our buttercream is made with real, fresh butter. That’s actually another factor that sets us apart. A lot of people who don’t usually like buttercream like ours because it’s not super sweet and doesn’t feel like you’re eating a vat of sugar. It’s so light and not overly sweet.

Do you partner with any other local businesses in Lubbock?

Yes, we do! We do projects with the Betenbough Homes – we do gift boxes for their clients who are purchasing houses. We also make cookies for The Soda Shack, which is a new food truck in Lubbock.”

Is there anything special you offer that people should know about?

“We have gluten-free items. It can be difficult for people with gluten sensitivities to find sweets they can consume, but we have gluten-free recipes and are glad to accommodate. We also do custom cakes and wedding cakes. We don’t always have those custom cakes out on display, but we definitely do them. We also make French macarons in-store. Those have been popular lately.”

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What do you love about being a small business in Lubbock?

“Mainly, I love that everyone is willing to help each other out. A lot of local businesses help out other local, small businesses. For example, there’s another small bakery in town, and we communicate with them all the time. I’ll ask if they need help with orders, and in turn, they will help me out as well. We’re competitors but we still work together. I think that sets Lubbock apart from any other place. It’s such a friendly town. And, when you think about it, there’s no point in bad mouthing another company who might be your competition. We’re all trying to provide for our families and our employees. That’s what it’s all about. Just helping each other.

I also love the customers I get to work for. Next week we’re baking a cake for a firefighter who has lung cancer. His wife wanted to have a surprise birthday cake made for him, and she was crying when I described what we could create for her. Moments like that stand out for me. Seeing that customers are moved in a positive way really makes me feel good and proud of what I do.”

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