Flowers are a beautiful way to send a message to your loved ones. They express appreciation and gratitude, and they can bring beauty to a space or an event. The family-owned and run, Flowers & More shop on Franklin Street has been helping residents show love through flowers for more than 30 years. Current Owner, Heidi Griese, has a passion both for flowers and for bringing joy and beauty into the lives of her customers. Here is a glimpse into Heidi’s shop and her connection to the local Evansville community.

What is the origin story of Flowers & More?

“My father decided to open this shop with a friend of his during the Mother’s Day season. He just wanted to arrange a few hanging baskets. They started off with $50, and things escalated over time. He started doing weddings and other events, and eventually he decided to get involved in the ‘fresh part’ of the floral business.

As for me, in 1997 I had just graduated from Indiana University, and I was looking for a job. My dad asked if I would come work with him from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day that year. Hook, line, and sinker – I’m still here. So now, Flowers & More has been in our family for more than 30 years, and then six years ago I purchased the shop from my dad.

After I purchased the shop, I brought in a few more gift lines like the boutique apparel and candles.”

What’s that special local touch people get when they shop with Flowers & More?

“Well, when you shop with us, you can always expect a friendly smile. We’ve dubbed ourselves the friendliest shop in town. We personally know a lot of our customers, and at the same time we’re getting new customers weekly and even daily. Our patrons like the personal touch they get with us. They like hearing their name when they come in, and they like that we know their style and preferences.

So, it’s that personal touch plus knowing that we’ve been around for so long, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re located on historic Franklin Street, and we’ve been in the area for more than 30 years. We’ve done weddings for people, and are now doing their kid’s weddings. That’s part of the uniqueness of being a family-owned business here on the West Side.

One more thing I would add is that we’re a full-service florist. We do weddings, events, corporate baskets, and of course everyday occasions and the celebration of life. We also have a wide variety of remembrance pieces for funerals, and we have gift ideas for the funeral homes in the area.”

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Have you had any special moments with customers?

“I do have one moment that really is pretty cool. So, a gentleman told his niece to go and find a white rose to bring to a funeral. She was coming from another county, and she went all around and no one had a white rose. Eventually, she came to our shop and she said, ‘I just need one white rose for a funeral service.’ I went back in the cooler and brought her out a white rose and said, ‘I’m not gonna charge you for this. I know you’ve had a difficult time finding this and it’s for a funeral, so just take it and have a great day.’ Her uncle has now been a customer for several years, and he says that moment was the reason why he started coming to us for flowers. He owns a business in Newburgh, but because of that customer service we offered years ago, he comes all the way over here. We do his Christmas parties, his niece’s prom, and anything else they need. We also did the funeral for his mom which was in Boonville, but they came all the way to us. It’s important to remember that the little things mean so much to people. A little three-dollar rose meant so much to him.”

What do you love about being a local business in Evansville?

“I love the group of retail friends we have up and down Franklin Street and the surrounding areas. We help each other out and refer people to each other’s businesses. I’ll tell a customer: ‘I got my shoes at Thomas’s Shoes on Franklin – go check him out.’ We all have each other’s back. We also meet together once a month and discuss upcoming events that we’re going to host. It’s neat that we all have the same focus of uplifting each other and sending each other business.”

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