If you’re a true Tri-State area local, then chances are you know all about the family-owned businesses and services that have had roots in Evansville, Boonville, and the surrounding areas for 40 years or more. If you’re new to the area or new to buying local, we’re here to clue you in to some of the local spots that have cared for Tri-State residents for many years and counting!

Here are four, well-loved spots that you can find in your city + on Towny – your FREE guide to exploring the Tri-State area, choosing local, and getting rewards.

  1. Miller’s 5 & 10 is a traditional dime store located in the historic Boonville Square. In fact, Miller’s is the last five and ten cent store in the state of Indiana! For more than 50 years, Millers 5 & 10 has brought joy and fun to the community with unique products and friendly hospitality. The next time you need to grab a gift, housewares, or other items you might grab at a big box store, consider Miller’s instead! (story here!)

  2. Western Ribeye & Ribs is the perfect spot for a fresh meal out with customer service that’s always friendly and pleasant. This family-run steakhouse has been serving up tasty steaks, surf 'n' turf, BBQ ribs, and other American classics for more than 40 years. Those who frequent Western Ribeye & Ribs know they’ll get some of the best ribs in town in a setting that’s perfect for corporate lunches, a romantic dinner, or just a pleasant night out.

  3. Leroy's Tavern is a West Side classic for those looking for a spot to grab a drink, have a bite to eat, watch the game, or even take part in some karaoke. This well-loved tavern was started by Leroy and Shirley Baize in 1970, and is currently run by their daughter – Terri Carl. They have gained a reputation for treating their customers like family while serving up tasty eats.

  4. F.T. Kelley & Sons is the local service you can count on for any swimming pool construction, cleaning, maintenance, or repairs in the Tri-State area. The Kelley family has been installing and working on pools in the community for more than 60 years, and they continue to carry on the same work ethic and compassion on which this business was founded. (story here!)

You can find all of these local shops and restaurants on Towny. When you’ve got Towny, you’ve got an easy way to build a robust economy for your city, support your neighbors, and get rewarded for choosing local.