If you need a chic updo for special event or want to change things up with a fresh cut, Mon Rêve Salon, in the heart of downtown Lafayette, is definitely the place to go. Owner and stylist, Nicole David, has worked hard to create a place where her customers can walk in and feel at ease, and then walk out feeling confident and beautiful.

Read our convo with Nicole to discover why Mon Rêve Salon is a true treasure in the hair industry and in the local Acadiana business community.

What made you decide to open Mon Rêve Salon?

“Well, I was working for another salon, and I felt like there wasn’t much flexibility or opportunities for education. I basically outgrew where I was. I wanted to create a space for myself and for other stylists that could be fun, creative, and balanced. So that’s ultimately why I decided to open my own salon.”

What do you love about doing hair?


“I would say that it’s about way more than doing hair. For me, it’s all about connecting with people. Our clients sit in our chairs and tell us things that they may not open up about to other people. I really enjoy being able to connect with people on that level and I love that I can hold space for those conversations to happen.

I also love that this profession gives me the ability to be creative. There a lot of avenues for growth that go beyond being behind the chair. For example, you can work on fashion shows or be a platform artist or an educator. There are a lot of different opportunities to play around with and I really appreciate that.”

What have been some of the highlights of running your own salon?

“I would say definitely the growth I’ve experienced. I had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week last year. That’s an experience I’ve always wanted to have.

Another highlight and a thing that makes me feel rewarded is when I’m able to grow and hire a new stylist. Usually when a new stylist comes to me, their confidence is pretty low. I take them through an education program, and I get to see them grow, develop, and mature as a stylist. That brings me a lot of joy.”

Can you talk more about your experience with New York Fashion Week?

“It was incredible. I’ve always dreamed of going there, so it was a huge check off my bucket list. I went to Los Angeles and trained to be able to attend. I then went on to New York and worked alongside Jon Reyman who owns a salon called Spoke & Weal with his business partner. Together they run fashion week for Aveda. They coordinate all the shows, train all the people, and they place everyone. What I learned during my time working with Jon is that simplicity is key. Something doesn’t always have to be this big, extravagant, avant-garde thing to be really beautiful or stand out.

While I was there, I also got to see his salon and how he runs his operation. Again, I learned a lot about simplicity, streamlining processes, and focusing on the things at which you really excel. I brought those concepts back with me to my salon, and I’ve been incorporating those things into what I do now.”

What kind of experience do you want people to have when they come to Mon Rêve Salon?

I want people to walk into our salon feeling confident that they will leave happy. I want people to leave feeling like a beauty queen and feeling good about themselves. People should feel beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.

Also, I think the aesthetic in our salon speaks volumes. Our place has a real cool, hip vibe to it, and I want our clients to vibe off of that aesthetic and take that feeling home with them.”

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What do you love about owning a business in Acadiana?

“I love interacting with the people in our community. A lot of the people here are really supportive and go out of their way to shop local. As a local business owner, I know how much it means to shop local. When people support my business it supports my life and my kid and my employees. So, I think it’s important that we all shop local and continue to put back into our community to see it flourish.”

At Towny, we 100 percent agree with Nicole. When you shop at local Acadiana businesses like Mon Rêve Salon, you are not only building a robust economy, but you are also supporting your very own neighbors. Find Mon Rêve Salon on Towny – the free tool making it easy to choose local.