Some of us have a lot of chemis-tree with the holidays, others suffer from Claustrophobia. Wherever you find yourself this holiday season, we know most enjoy the satisfying tradition of gift-giving.

Hold on for deer life:

We’ve put together an easy-to-view gift guide, packaged with alllll local “ingredients!” To keep it simple, you can view all of these local spots + more on Towny! It’s the free app that keeps you exploring Waco, choosing local + rewards ya for doing so!

PS - if you’re not into apps, we’ve got you covered here. You might be shocked at how many places you haven’t yet explored! Cross off the people (sleigh my name, sleigh my name) on your list below!

For Him:

Pura Vida Spa Day Spa & Salon…for him!

Pura Vida Spa Day Spa & Salon…for him!

  • Has your mower or small engine anything gone Kris(p) Kringle on you? Or him? Get that thing to Central Texas Mowers ASAP so it’ll be fixed by experts who’ll shoot you straight + cost less than most. Winter’s the perfect time to fix your mower or purch (guaranteed) new equipment! These guys are the best in the biz!

  • If he’s acting Rude-olph, he may just need an hour (or more?!) of spa time. Yes, spa time. Get him in to see a professional masseuse at Pura Vida Day Spa & Salon. Relax those muscles + soothe the mind. There are a zillion health benefits to massage + the menfolk need ‘em too!

  • Car guy? Truck guy? Give him something for the (other) one he loves: vroom, vroom. Notice a cracked window? Waco Auto Glass Center. Pay for his next few oil changes or need to get something checked out? Look at the deal for that here: Texas Star Tire & Auto Repair. We won’t steer his sleigh the wrong way + by loving on what he loves, you’ll be under the mistle-tow in no time. (No *actual* tow needed, tho – obvi!)

For Her:

Waco Bargain Center FTW!

Waco Bargain Center FTW!

  • Spruce up her world with a gift of new furniture! Waco Bargain Center + Kirkpatrick & Witt Furniture are blitz-able stops on the way to (your holiday) success!

  • Give him gold + frankincense but wait, there’s myrrh! Haha, where?! Di'amore Fine Jewelers. You’ll be gifted with “more” quality, “more” experienced staff + gemologists + “more” peaceful customer care. Too good to be true? Almost. Stop by. (They’ve got gifts spanning a wide price range if there are many stockings to fill this year. Truly, they care for their customers.)

  • Freeze frame! Freeze frame! Show her you’re listening: has she mentioned wanting to frame a North Pole-aroid she loves? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Kid’s art? Your wedding/anniversary/that one time from way back when photo? Something Santa-mental? (Can’t. stop.) Penni Wise Custom Framing has you covered in areas of design, colors, plus tons of experience.

For Friends:

Ultimate Escape…doesn’t this look escape-y?!

Ultimate Escape…doesn’t this look escape-y?!

  • A good friend is worth their weight in gold, right?! Go all out (but peep the deal here to save!) to get your pal back in mint condition at Ultimate Escape Spa. No elf-help books this year, just the gift of spa lyfe, best lyfe. Best friend lyfe.

  • TREATS! “Good tidings we bring to you and gherkin.” NOPE. “Peas on earth?” Nope. If you’re the sweetest BFF, take your peeps some goodies from Baked Bliss (you’ll super impress your gluten-free besties with their delicious line of GF products: brownies + more!). Wacotown suffers no shortage of ace baked goods, y’all. Get your friends get All Sugar'd Up! Have more than 1 bestie? Here’s the deal for you (+ them!)

  • Want to blow the host/hostess with the most/mostest away? Go to Gather; gift from Gather. Handmade dishes, hospitality-focused finds prepping your comrade for every celebratíon ahead. The owner even carries locally-made, handmade linens like napkins + aprons (no cookie sheets for the beds though, wink!). Even if your amigo/a isn’t into hosting, there’s literally something for everyone + it’s a SUPER visual stop along the way! You’ll be doing something special for your community, too, as Sara stocks the shelves with local vendors as much as she can. Gorgeous finds!

For Kids:

After 5 Formal Wear for your teen’s next big thing!

After 5 Formal Wear for your teen’s next big thing!

  • Need a present for your Fan C. Pants? After 5 Formal Wear offers gift cards for your teen’s upcoming events! They’ll thank you in 20 years…aka scrapbook photos. You got this. Knock that resting Grinch face right off.

  • Flips Gymnastics. Give your kids the gift of flips. Give yourself the gift of dealing with 89% less of their energy bursts after class! Enroll those Jolly Ranchers in a class OR take them to Friday Morning Fun: walkers through 5 year olds or Friday Nite Fun: 5 to 12 year olds! Jump on their website to learn more! But definitely a sanity-saver this holiday season (that lasts for as long as you’d like)!

  • Speaking of teens: You can be like, the literal opposite of “Bah, humbug” when you get them something special for their sleigh bells. We’re talking about their truck or car, not something impossible transportation, like a Santaur. Stop by Sunblockings Window Tinting & Auto Accessories to pick! (If they don’t have wheels, swing by for a gift certificate that’ll make ‘em think! Waco Escape Rooms.) Be the cool parent you are.

For Grandparents:

Sew & Quilt Store = waaay more than  just  keeping G-ma’s rulers safe

Sew & Quilt Store = waaay more than just keeping G-ma’s rulers safe

  • Where does our family lineage hail from? We’re North Polish. Frame something from your family history from (yes! again!) Penni Wise Custom Framing, or you can work with Penni to frame out something new like a portrait. Both good, booooth good.

  • Don’t be the ghost of Christmas present. Show up with some sweet supplies to freshen up your quilting/sewing machine (aka your crafty grandparent). Sew & Quilt Store awaits.

  • Why did the elf win the argument about his ears? He had some good points. You know who else has some pointers? Prompt Technology. These guys are gonna help keep your grandparents’ computer clean + safe. Give them the gift of education + hassle-free computing!

Make it rein, people. All of these local places are simply accessed online here! If you like apps, hop over to the Towny app here. You guys are the best! Go get ‘em! (And get rewarded for doing so!)