The sweetest holiday of the year is cinnamon-rolling around! The real deal holiday is October 14th but we understand if you need to take the week? month? year? to celebrate properly. We’re here to help you prepare your no-shame game plan in advance so you’re ready to honor the…most wonderful time of year? Is that debatable?…with something rich, creamy, or covered in sugar.

Here’s the scoop on where to satisfy your sweet tooth, the local way.

  • If you’re going to celebrate National Dessert Day, why not go all out? At Smudgies Dessert Lab, dessert knows no boundaries. Fan of donuts? How about ice cream? But have you ever tried them TOGETHER?! We’re telling you, it’s a game. changer. Try any of Smudgies’ signature concoctions - The Smudgie, Sludgie, (S)milkshake, or Softie - for an out of this world sugar rush you won’t soon forget.

  • I scream, you scream, we’re all screaming for Me Latte Chocolate’s handcrafted Mexican ice cream. We recommend bringing a friend - or 10 - so you can try ALL the flavors, because picking just one here is an impossible task! We won’t even get started on their churro ice cream sandwiches...just be ready to dig in. Buen provecho! (Know what I’m sayin’!)

Because October 14 falls on a Sunday this year, the rest of our sugar finds will not be open on the actual National Dessert Day. So if you’re eager to indulge at any of these local sweet spots, just file an extension to keep that chocolate fountain ON. DESSERTS!

  • Looking for a quick sugar fix (because you’re saving the calories for Halloween, right? We see you!)? Swing by JoyHouse Coffee Company. In addition to their rich Haitian javas, they recently added Kyya chocolate bars to their menu. This fab collab results in locally-crafted chocolate bars made from JoyHouse’s Haiti-sourced coffee + chocolate! Mkay, YES.

  • For dessert with a chance of dinner, you’ll want to plan a night at Birra-Vino’s Pizzeria. Their peanut butter chocolate lasagna is absolutely DIVINE and may possibly ruin you from all other desserts forever. But it’s undeniably worth the risk. They have seasonal selections of other homemade desserts, too, so be sure to ask your server for the full menu before making your move!

  • A place of culinary magic, fresh ingredients, and fabulous flavor, MELD Kitchen + Sandwich Bar bakes wonderful cookies, brownies and on occasion, lemon bars! And now for brunch, you can grab cinnamon rolls or sopapillas, which basically = eating dessert for breakfast. Start your day right, people.

  • Besides being founded around a wonderful mission (which you can read all about here), Rockin’ Baker has a talented team of student bakers who can whip up some delightful desserts. It’s a rare occasion that you won’t find some sort of tart icing their shelves. They also mix in freshly baked treats like scones, cookies, and usually some holiday-themed sweet! You never know exactly what you’ll find, except you know it will be gooooood.

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