‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, feasting + family, and if you so graciously agreed to host this year’s festivities maybe a teensy bit of stress.

Dash those worries away! We made a prep-list full of local goodness + practicality so YOU can gobble til you wobble this holiday season without worrying (so much) about the meal, your house, and what to bring…know what I’m sayin? For easy reference, you can find all the local businesses we’ve combo’ed below on the Towny app. Here are some ideas to get you started:

PREparing for Turkey Day

1. Gather your ingredients

  • Calling all carbivores! Save Rockin’ Baker a spot at your table. They’ve got some dough-licious Thanksgiving treats planned for you! Put in your order + be ready to swoop by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to snag your share. And while you’re waiting on the bread to rise, find out about their awesome mission via their website!

  • Who says turkey is the only way to go? If you (or your guests) prefer fish over fowl, head over to the fresh seafood market at Blu Fish House for your main dish replacement. Hey, shrimp and gravy is DEFINITELY a thing. Look it up. (If you dare!)

  • Jepson Drug & Gift may not be the first place you think of when it comes to appetizers, but maybe it should be. Their line of “The Resident Chef” products involves all variety of gourmet goodies that will make you look like a professional feast-thrower. You do NOT want to waste any time without these openers!

  • Of course, we can’t forget the furry friends - especially if you want to distract them from salivating all over your arm, leg, and plate during dinner. Introducing...the BEAST FEAST by Three Dog Bakery: an entire made-from scratch Thanksgiving meal just for your pup!

Fall gift basket from Garden Gate Flowers & Gifts

Fall gift basket from Garden Gate Flowers & Gifts

2. Add a dash of decoration

  • Looking for a center piece with just the right pop of color? Freshen up your table with a little flora from The Garden Gate Flowers & Gifts. Their floral arrangements and gourmet gift baskets are the perfect addition to all holiday festivities.

  • When it comes to celebrations, trust your decor to Occasions. Come browse their lovely array of home goods, including dishware with character and linens that celebrate local!

  • So Inviting Gifts a “so inviting” home makes. Classy kitchenware, adorable (and festive!) home decor, candles + reed diffusers for that added holiday spice atmosphere - they’ve got everything a hostess needs to add the finishing touches!

3. Spice up your guests’ stay

  • Need a little space to breathe? Kindly send your visitors out for a massage OR book one for yourself to enjoy. Either way, Competitor’s Edge Massage can help recharge your batteries and get you some of that oh-so-sweet alone time you may be craving!

  • There’s nothing cozier than a classic coffee date to catch up with the cousins you haven’t seen in too long. And when your cup of joe = a good deed, who can resist?? Mama Carmen’s Espresso Cafe in Fayetteville and JoyHouse Coffee Co. in Bentonville both serve coffee AND people. Both source their beans from foreign farmers at fair wages!

  • It’s that time of year when we can finally start sharing the Christmas wish list we’ve been working on since, ohhhh about February?! Anyway, grab your peeps and treat them to the world of adventure that awaits at Ozark Kayak. While you’re there, you might as well point out that certain kayak you’ve been eyeing for months…just in case they need some gift ideas. *wink wink*

“POST”PARING: after the feast

4. Sprinkle a smidge of wellness

  • “New you” doesn’t have to wait for the new year! Balance out your holiday indulgences with a visit to Bentonville Wellness, your local health + wellness center serving up nutritional drinks, smoothies, and snacks.

  • Fayetteville Pilates & Barre offers classes + personal training to help you sculpt, train, and stretch (and detox from all that extra pie you might have eaten - hey we don’t blame you; there were so many to choose from!!). You’ll dig their studio!

5. Get ready to repeat for Christmas!

Capt. Keith’s Classic Cleaners offers bedding services and more!

Capt. Keith’s Classic Cleaners offers bedding services and more!

  • Pesky pest problems, be gone! And just to be clear...we are only talking about critters + crawlers with more than two legs, and NOT any crazy Aunt Sallys. Action Pest & Turf will rid your home + hearth of bugs and transform your lawn into a lush oasis.

  • If your rug didn’t escape a few dinner spills, make Captain Keith’s Classic Cleaners your new BFF. Aside from your standard laundry and dry cleaning services, they also clean area rugs, bedding, and drapes. Plus, they recently began offering house cleaning services. And don’t forget their FREE pick up + delivery! Basically, your life just got a whole lot easier.

  • Hosting over the holidays can lead to troves of treasured memories...aaaaanndd occasionally some incidents we’d rather forget. Like when family game night got a little rowdy and your phone accidentally somehow flew across the room? Oops. Luckily, Smartphone 911 specializes in screen repair, no questions asked.

  • For those who lucked out and don’t have to host Christmas festivities this year, get your car roadtrip ready for over the river and through the woods travels to Grandma’s house. Garcia’s Auto does full detailing, oil changes, and every service in between! (They also sell cars, in case you’re feeling extra generous this year.)

Find all these business + more on the free Towny app! Boost your mood AND the local economy this season by exploring Northwest Arkansas, choosing local + get rewarded for doing so. Happy holidays to all!