Nope, it’s not Valentine’s Dizzle Nizzle, but love is in the air in Waco, y’all. If you’re planning a wedding, have an anni coming up, or just want to woo your person, you’re probably wondering where to find those items + services you need to make that day…or moment the special celebration it should be. There are local shops and businesses that love to help you love. For easy reference (and some deals for you along the way, high five), check these business on the Towny app. But more on that later, ready for some xoxo?!

  • What’s a celebration without the flowers? (Well, the meaning of the day probably takes the cake, ha!) Order the perfect wedding day, just ‘cause day, or anniversary arrangements from Baylor Flowers. Just try to visit their website + not get inspired (won’t happen!). Say low-key or high-key “I love you” with a custom floral arrangement like their Wild & Free design. They also carry plants + balloons, if you need a floral remix. OR! If you don’t know what you’re doing, choose the Designer’s Choice and let…the designers choose for you. Whoever you choo-choo-choose to send your love to will for sure be a thankful petal

  • Weddings are their specialty! Wolfe Florist’s specialists are trained to work with you to fit your budget, while still providing an exceptional, quality product + experience. What to expect? A multi-service florist, offering fresh-cut flowers directly imported from the four corners of the earth! Their team of designers will bring your lovebug vision to life. Wolfe sound familiar? These peeps are fifth and sixth generation florists, the name "Wolfe" is recognized for quality and service in the Texas floral industry since 1892. So there. Forget them not!

  • You know what’s great about a cake? The fact that it can be both a decoration and a refreshment. All Sugar’d Up in Waco bakes cakes and other desserts that are both gorgeous and tasty. Make an date to find the perfect cake for your anni, surprise(!), or wedding day festivities. Cake-topians, unite! Don’t let the love stop at your wedding! Order cakes or desserts from All Sugar’d up for anniversaries or just for funsies – to show your partner just how sweet your love can be. Mmmmmmhm. (Do that!)

  • Bada bing, bada boom. If you want to really make someone’s day, week, month, lifetime, pick something from Di'Amore Fine Jewelers (keyword: fiiiine). Master Jeweler + founder, Jay Pandya + his team are glittering with years of wisdom + the best part? They’re never going to pressure you into purchasing anything. Ever. THE most peaceful retail experience. You got questions? Yo, they’ll solve them. Di’Amore is built on character, excellence, and going the extra mile for people like you. They carry Tacori to Pandora + everything in between. Pro-tip: Show off that consideration of yours + get your person’s jewelry polished or repaired while you’re at it! Di’Amore does a world-class job of servicing your treasured pieces. (Super trustworthy, too.)

  • Whether shopping is your cardio, or not, your gown-ing needs are gonna get alllll worked out right at After 5 Formal Wear. How do we know? Because for 18 years, this mother + daughter team have been dressing up women + girls for things like homecoming, prom, your WEDDING — people like mothers of the bride, flower girls + pageantwear. Girl, you will not turn into a pumpkin putting your big night in After 5’ From baby girls to the most seasoned among us, they have got. you. Carrying ladies’ sizes 0-34 Plus + girls’ sizes 2T-16, there is quite literally, something spectacular for each of you. ALLLSO, plenty of bags + accessories, so don’t sweat – you got this. IF you start with After 5!

  • PSA! Cultivate 7Twelve FOR THE WIN. Imagine YOUR evening, event, brunch. It’s YOURS. You designed it, or you hired someone else to. Even a gathering of ultra special friends. It’s your thing, whether it’s a wedding or the renewing of your vows or the celebration of something epic, make it unforgettable. Cultivate 7Twelve. It’s an event space, but it’s alive. Yes, it can be your blank canvas, if you will. But this cultural container has also held art exhibitions, non-profit gatherings, Art-to-Table dinners, and even some pretty rad-tacular dance + yoga sessions. Yeah, it’s just - cool. And glorious. And perfect. And beautiful. You should go. Jump up there during open hours to tour (there are 3 main spaces: upstairs studio, back patio + main gallery). You can rent all the things + nonprofs get a deal. We need to know about Cultivate 7Twelve. It’s special.

Of course, when you get down to the core, it’s the people surrounding you or standing by your side that mean the most-est in life, right? When you shop with these local Waco businesses, you know that you’re not only getting from local business owners the products + services that you need, but you’re backing their dreams, too. You’ll also boost the local economy annnd you’re gonna get rewarded for doing it if you download Towny! Cheers, y’all!