Long list of to-dos? Why not make it a to-date! No one loves running errands, but errands + a person you love make for a productive AND pleasing sesh! For easy reference (and some special deals for you), all a of these businesses below-down are available through the Towny app. Errand away!

  • As attractive as may be to watch your person save you from distress (i.e. from the grasps of that ginormous roach scuttling across the floor)...no more! Let Action Pest and Turf de-pest-ify your digs and and turn your yard into a lush and critter-free oasis. Testify to love + give them a call.

  • You don’t even have to leave the house to check this one of your list. Captain Keith’s Classic Cleaners performs a whole slew of our not-so-favorite household to-do’s: laundry, dry cleaning, alterations, even shoe repair! And the best part? Their FREE pick-up + delivery service! (Do you need to read that again? It’s FREE!!) So grab your signif other, pile up the laundry, and then sneak you in a real date while Captain Keith takes care of your chores!

  • Nothing says “eye love you” like the googly-eyed gaze of your partner...unless there’s more than mushy feelings behind those googly eyes. Take a trip together to Exclusive Eye and make sure your vision’s as clear as your feelings! Exclusive Eye offers 20/20 optometry services and vision care products so you can keep your sights perfectly set on your soulmate.

  • They say the key to a successful relationship is communication. If you’ve got a shattered screen or faulty phone, suddenly that becomes a lot harder. Don’t let a crack in your screen crack your love-comms! Not only does Smartphone 911 specialize in screen repair + replacement, they also sell a variety of sturdy cases to help protect against broken phones AND broken hearts. Plus, matching phone cases with your loverboy/best girl: OBVI a must-have!

Errands done? Check. Time spent with someone you love? Double check. Look at you! While you’re checking items off your list, don’t forget to add “save money, back the NWA economy, and support local business owners’ dreams”…and then check that off too by downloading the FREE Towny app. It allows you to explore the area + choose local, then REWARDS YOU with deals + freebies for doing it! Check it out (and then check it off your list) today! Killa good job, you!